woensdag 9 juni 2010

The movies I would love to see this year

I would realy like to see it although im not a die hard fans and I know its not realy cool to love the series. But I do, ever since the first movie I got curious about twilight and started reading the book which are, I must say, so much better then the movies. I would still like to see it and Im curious if this one is better then the book (probably not). Please give it a chance.

I dont know much about this movie. I do now that its about dreams. And although I know so little I still want to watch it. Why? because:
-It leonardo DiCaprio in it and almost every movie he is in is amazing. Titanic, whats eating gilbert grape, Romeo+juliet and catch me if can to name a few and who can forget the aviater.

- Cilian murpy who was amazing in the movie breakfast in pluto. If you havent seen it you should check it out.

- Marion Cotillard who has won an oscar. Do I need to more?
- Ellen Page who was so funny as juno in the movie juno. But ca she pull of a sirieus character I dont know but I will find out. Will you?

If you think these actors are amazing. You should see the other actors in the movie are all top notch.

And last but not least at all: Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1. I love the harry potter series and Im highly addicted to the books. Ive read the books so may times and I have watched the movies more the normal person should. I can"t wait to see it. And I am shure you to will see to unless youre the rare non harry potter fan. :P

Thats my movie list and I hope you injoy it. byee

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